The Building The Hotel Glendale opened July 11, 1925.   What were once the Dining Room and Ball Room (a rumored speakeasy during prohibition) are now The Cave Wine Storage Lockers, a subterranean wine storage with no windows and no direct sunlight.  It boasts a fiercely loyal customer base who have built their collections with us over twenty years.  Come be part of our continued story.
The Lockers

The Cave offers walk-in lockers from 75 - 550 cases.

All 24-case lockers are vertical, side-by-side lockers - not stacked.  Easy on you, easy on your back.  These are available for $400.00/year.

All 18-case lockers are vertical, side-by side lockers.  These are available for $315.00/year. 

12-case lockers are double-stacked, both levels easily accessible.  These are available for $250.00/year.



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*One case = one Charles Shaw-type standard sized case